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GTA PATH: (literally Grande Traversata delle Alpi = Great Crossing of the Alps) It starts from Fontane (fraction of Bannio) to Colle Baranca (mt. 1820), mt. 1150 level difference. walking time 3h. It is possible to reach Piedibaranca Alp by car (AWD) from where you can walk uphill to Baranca in 1h 30 mins. It is possible to get down to Fobello from Baranca in about 1h or climb Col d'Egua (hill top) 2235m. high following path n. 158. From Col d'Egua you can get down to Carcoforo (ValSesia) in about 1h 30 mins.


image of - GTA path  


PATH N 2: From Parcineto to Colle Dorchetta (m. 1818 -5,454y),  m. 1150 (3,450y) level difference. walking time 3h 30mins. You can shorten your walk by 30 mins reaching Giavine Alp by car. Once reached Dorchetta you can get down to Rimella (ValSesia) in about 2h or to climb to your right to Pizzo Nona (peak) 2241m (6,813y) It is also possible to reach Fobello (Valsesia) trough a comfortable path known as Arese path, starting from the hill top to your right in diagonal direction through an almost flat course, enjoying an excellent view over ValSesia (Valley).


Image of  path N. 2  


PATH N 3: It starts from Bannio to Baranca through Olocchia Valley. level difference: 1150m. (3,450y)Walking time 5h. This path leads to Baranca hilltop, offering an alternative to GTA path through the woods, alps and different valleys. Fontane is the starting point, then you climb to Provaccio Alp. Go higher to Rausa alp (m. 1638 -4,914y- 2h from Bannio).  From this point, after 10 mins. walk on a easy path coasting a beatiful small blue lake you will reach  the Campo Aostano amphitheatre. (Camp-Uscton in dialect). This is the place where people from Valle Anzasca, ValSesia and Val d'Aosta had very fierce fights. Many people died in 1411 when the Swiss arriving from Monte Moro (Macugnaga) tried to conquer the valley from the Bishop of Novara. There were ritual remembering the battle every year up to 1840. From Campo Aostano you should go to the wild Olocchia Valley, and then to Roncastello alp where the path offers 3 possible directions - a high course (3alto), a low course (3basso) - a shortcut to Curtet alp, where they join to Ancium alp and from where it is easy to reach Baranca hilltop.(m. 1820 - 5,460y).


Image of path N. 3


PATH N 4: From Piedibaranca to Ancium alp m. 1851 (5,550y) and Baranca mt. 1820 (5,460y). walking time 2h. level difference m. 600. (1,800 y): This path starts from right side of Piedibaranca bridge through the GTA course and in practice it is an alternative to the main path showing the lower part of Olocchia valley, beautiful and wild.


Image of path N. 4


PATH N. 5: From Scalvata to Drocaccia alp, walking time 1h, level difference. 400m (1,200y). The starting point can be found along the GTA, 10 mins walk from Soi alp. you should get down on your left, cross the creek over the bridge and then turn right.




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